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News 2013 - January - 1
It is with great pleasure that I inform you that we have successfully achieved flight of the Dynalifter prototype aircraft.  The flight
occurred during routine rotation testing.  We made several changes to the aircraft, including engine and prop adjustments that
significantly increased the horsepower and speed.  During the subsequent rotation tests, the aircraft took flight!  We experienced
a slight gear problem upon landing, which we were able to quickly repair.

Congratulations to everyone that has supported this momentous achievement.  We are looking forward to building on this
success by meeting with all potential investors as soon as possible.  Our next goal is to acquire the funding necessary to take us
to the next level of commercial development.  

I have attached a photo showing the aircraft lifting from the ground.  

Again, thank you for all of your support.

Robert Rist
Ohio Airships, Inc.
Dynalifter Test Flight Success - January 2013
The Dynalifter takes off at Toledo Airport, Ohio.